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Syncman Promo at MacUpdate
Friday, February 27, 2009

Hi all,

Quick note to let everyone know that Syncman is the MacUpdate Promo for the day. Today and today only get Syncman for more than 50% off ($5.95)!

So if you’ve been trying out Syncman, but the financial crisis has so far prohibited you from dropping the full €9.95, well… today is the day for you.

ps. A few comments there already about how this functionality is already available with Address Book. That was to be expected, but for first time visitors here’s what I wrote about it back when that feature was first released.


Many thanks to all those that took part in the MacUpdate Promo yesterday. Special thanks to all those that gave great reviews in the comments. Feedback like that is what motivates development.

I’ve decided to let the promo continue (at a slightly lower discount of 30% off) for an undetermined amount of time, so if you missed the promo yesterday you’ll still have a few days to get Syncman at a great discount.

pps. There was a problem yesterday with license files for users with special characters in their names. The license should still work as expected, but might be terribly mangled. If you’d like a fixed license, just let me know.