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New Competition
Thursday, May 29, 2008

Certain parts of the internets have been abuzz with news that OS X 10.5.3 adds Gmail sync to Address Book. Yes, it’s true… there’s a new gorilla in the room. However, I believe there are some very convincing reasons to use Syncman instead of this new competition:

  • For whatever reason, Apple requires that you have (and sync) an iPhone or iPod Touch to take advantage of the built-in Gmail syncing. Syncman of course makes no such requirements.
  • Syncman respects the effort you’ve put into maintaining your Address Book, and therefore gets your confirmation before making any changes that could potentially cause you a whole bunch of headache. I’ve read a few reports of disgruntled users unhappy with Apple’s offering.
  • Wateree Software is a small and agile company that can adjust quickly to our customers needs and desires. We already have a nice list of upcoming features for 1.1 based on user feedback.

So there you have it. Of course, I welcome any further suggestions on what will set us apart from the alternatives. Just drop me an email or leave a comment here. Competition will only make us better!