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Mann of the Week
Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Syncman was one of Merlin Mann’s picks on MacBreak Weekly yesterday. For those (undoubtedly few) who don’t who Merlin is, let’s just say his “internet-famous” Inbox Zero concept revolutionized the way that I deal with email. It’s a constant struggle, but zero is always the goal.

I actually noticed when Merlin bought a license a few weeks ago. I wanted to thank him, or maybe blog or tweet about it, but I thought nah… that’s so cheesy. Well, to hell with that.

You’re famous. You like my software. That’s awesome!

Software developers are simple creatures. We’re old school craftsmen in an era of bits and bytes, and nothing gives us more pleasure than for our ‘work’ to be the object of consideration and praise.

This boost to my motivation comes with very good timing. I’m finally back into the development of the next major version of Syncman. If folks are still happy with the current version that hasn’t seen a significant update in more than a year, then I can’t wait to show them how much better it can be.